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Introducing: THE ALL NEW Certified Coach Assistant


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you KNOW you need to do more in order to grow your business. 

You need more eye balls. You need more traffic. You need more leads. You need more engagement.

But what you really need is MORE TIME!

What if a Certified Coach Assistant could take away some of the tasks that are either taking up your precious time or robbing you of your most valuable energy?

With packages that help you grow your social media, recognize your team, and even take care of emails, you can finally get OUT of management mode and into leadership mode!

Instead of spending all day keeping up with your business, you can finally put your most valuable time and energy into the things that will move you forward...WITHOUT giving up all of your family time!


You Can Have A Successful Business AND A Successful Life

But Who Can You Trust?

The hardest part of outsourcing? Let me guess, you have trust issues?

That’s ok, we do too. And that’s why we completely redesigned our packages with your business AND your budget in mind.

What if you could purchase packages that were completely spelled out and told you EXACTLY what you would pay for those tasks up front??

No more hoping that your assistant works as fast as you, and no more wondering if they did the job right.

Our new packages tell you exactly what you get.

PLUS we’ve integrated new trackers that allow you to see the work accomplished on a task list every single day!!! You’ll never have to wonder if your assistant worked as hard as you today!


Packages We Offer


Starting at $109/week

Have someone do the 5-3-1 method for you on IG to help grow your engagement and relationships.

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Starting at $69/week

Recognition reports, graphics, and posts for your team!

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Starting at $54/week

Team calls graphics and announcements, newsletters, and more!

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Starting at $78/week

Have someone set up your posts and engage with your group.


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"Sarah has been nothing but a savior for my plants. She has such an in-depth knowledge but can make even the most complicated information easily understandable. I would tell everyone to subscribe."


-Josephine Higgins

Here's How it Works:



You start off by paying a $100 onboarding fee. This covers all of the admin work plus the time and energy we've poured into certifying our team and making sure they are ready to serve you!

WIthin 48 hours of purchase (but usually much sooner) our team will send you a list of the detailed packages along with their prices.

You choose which package(s) will serve you most and we will send you a custom link to get officially enrolled in your packages so we can start the pairing process.


Our team will go to work to get you partnered with one of our certified Coach Assistants.

We will then get you onboarded and set up with someone who will treat your business like their own!


We will oversee the process with a daily tracker that is shared between you, your Virtual Coach Assistant, and our team to ensure that the promised activities are delivered each day.

Have more questions or want to know more about the packages before you commit? Email us at [email protected] and we'll get you taken care of!